The Tahiti Pearl Regatta could not exist without its partners.
We are conscious and eager to develop all possible synergies between the institutions and the companies taking part into this adventure.

The Tahiti Pearl Regatta

  • Presentation

    The Tahiti Pearl Regatta is a 4-day sailing celebration taking place every year in the Leeward Islands of French Polynesia. In 12 years of existence, it has become the main regatta in the Pacific islands and an international nautical event.

  • Destination Pacific

    A vast maritime territory, Polynesia has become a top-level nautical destination for yachts. Sailors come here for the optimal sailing conditions (regular winds, sun, no swell in the lagoons, small tidal range…) and to live this legendary experience: discovering Polynesia from the sea.

  • Previous rankings

    RACING –  Monohulls : 1st HOE HOE (Combescure J.P.), 2nd HORO HORO (Lamisse G.), 3rd WINDFALL (Marti R.) Multihulls: 1st PEARL ROMANCE MOOREA (Cosso P.), 2nd BLUE NOTE (Bourot G.), 3rd MAKATEA (Duclaux G.) CORPORATE CHALLENGE – 1st BANQUE DE POLYNESIE (Basse J.P.), 2nd AS EDT VOILE (Delvallet J.), 3rd TAHITIAN TOP PIZZA (Magar E.) CRUISING – 1st KATHEA (Volker H.), 2nd GIZMO (Stradford P.), 3rd FIREFLY (Ellis P.)


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