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A great adventure

10 years ago, a group of friends living in Raiatea, with Mr. Henri Dejust, created the Raiatea Regatta’s association in order to organize an annual meeting to sail in the most beautiful lagoons in the world & become a sailing show during 4 days in the
Leeward islands.

A sports regatta…

The Tahiti Pearl Regatta takes place in a friendly and genuine atmosphere with Polynesian percussions; staging points in the middle of the south pacific ocean or in lagoons with bewitching colors.

Every year, we offer to the participants a new sailing race, between Raiatea, the sacred island for each polynesian islander (from Hawaii to New Zealand & Easter Island), Bora Bora the Pearl of the Pacific, Huahine and Taha’a.

…and a festive event !

According to the tradition, the TPR program of festivities is as intense (and renown!) as its race itinerary. Before the race, the « TPR Village » kick-off the event ont the forecourt of Uturoa market (Raiatea). Every night, a new party awaits the participants, in an ever changing environment. Scheduled for these nocturnal adventures are: games, local dishes tasting, BBQ, traditional singing and dancing, but also modern music and improvised dance floors, etc.
Sharing the Polynesian joy of life and festive mood.

The race categories

The Tahiti Pearl Regatta is opened to any kind of sailing boats (monohull, catamaran, trimaran, private or charter ship, on transpacific stop-over…) of any size. Crews can register to one of the two following race categories : monohulls or mutlihulls (the monohulls fleet may be divided in 2 or 3 divisions depending on the number of participants) Within each category, registered boats will score in real time. At the end of the Regatta, the three best crews of both categories will mount the podium to receive the TPR Trophies.
Please bear in mind that sponsored crews can register to the « Challenge Entreprises», which is some kind of a race within the race. The crew having made the best time within this category will also be awarded with a trophy.

The trophies

Many trophies reward the racers:

  • The podium (the 3 winners) in Monohull
  • The podium (the 3 winners) in Multihull
  • Trophée Henri Dejust – For the first sailing canoe
  • Challenge Entreprises – For the winner of the sponsored sailing boats
  • Real Time – For the winner of the sailing boats with no Rating


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