Enter the race

Race categories

HN box rule

  • Multihulls
  • Monohulls 1
  • Monohulls 2

Plus a special Corporate Challenge score for each leg.

Without the HN box rule : Cruising category

Real-time score for each leg

Box rules

You can register in the TPR in either of the three following categories :

  • monohulls with a HN-OSIRIS box rule certificate
  • multihulls with a MULTI 2000 box rule
  • boats without a certificate

The aim of the box rules is to enable different boats – in terms of construction, size or sails – to compete against each other.


  • Some boats already hold a certificate from last year. Keep in mind that a certificate is valid for 3 years.
  • Apply online : http://www.ffvoile.fr/ffv/web/pratique/habitable/OSIRIS/Default.aspx
  • Download the applications :
    • For a new certificate: Demande de jauge
    • To renew a certificate: Renouvellement de jauge
    • The application must then be sent to Daniel PILLONS, mentioning the TPR :
  • The payment for the certificate must be sent to the Fédération Tahitienne de Voile, which will then transfer it to the Fédération Française de Voile


Apply online : http://www.multicoques-habitables.com/

Please note that if you are renting a boat, it is better to ask for a certificate mentioning the name of the boat (all charter boats are not alike).


Challenge Entreprise

Brands and companies come every year in increasing numbers to display their colors on the TPR sails. A dozen sailboats compete under the ‘Corporate Challenge’ category, sponsored by local companies or international brands. In 2015 and 2016, a racing boat bearing the colours of Lipton Ice Tea, led by a dynamic crew of company managers from Tahiti, will be competing in the TPR.

Sailing, a true asset for a company communication

  • To display its image and logo on more than 100 square meters (hull and sails)
  • To share the values of a convivial and eco-friendly sporting challenge
  • To benefit from the media coverage: TV, radio, press, web and social networks
  • To organise public relations during an event
  • To federate the teams with a dynamic internal communication…

In B to C, B to B or for internal purpose, the profitability of sailing sponsorship has been proven, with ratios benefits/investments from 1 to 10.

Take up the challenge! Join the Corporate Challenge with your company, on a boat bearing your colours and with a crew you enrol, and benefit from the TPR media coverage.

Incentive – Use the TPR as a corporate communication support, while taking the benefits from all the assets and values of sportive sailing : team spirit, self-challenge, adventure… and/or as an incentive programme for your commercial and management teams, partners, clients… i.e. your corporate network, which will support “their” team on the TPR blog or on your own communication network.



I can enter the TPR…

With my own boat: I register in the TPR Challenge or in the Coroporate Challenge. If I’m looking for crew, I can make my search known through the website’s page “Looking for a boat/crew”;

By renting a boat: our partners Tahiti Yacht Charter, Dream Yacht Charter and Poe Charter will answer your queries;

By renting a cabin in one of the private owner’s boats racing in the TPR and looking for crew. Check up their needs in the site’s page “Looking for a boat/crew”.