The TPR is a tripartite organisation. The Raiatea Regatta Association is in charge of organizing the event with its team of volunteers from Raiatea. The Tahitian Sailing Federation supervises the sporting part of the race and grants their licences to the competitors. Archipelagoes coordinates the partnerships and the communication programme.

The Raiatea Regatta Association


To organize a yearly sailing party in the Leeward Islands of French Polynesia: that was the dream, twelve years ago, of the newly born Raiatea Regatta Association. Since then, the “TPR” has become the biggest sailing and festive regatta of the Pacific islands and a truly international nautical event.

Comité de course

Race committee

Tahitian Sailing Federation (FTV) is organizing the sport of sailing in French Polynesia. Tahiti Pearl Regatta is the under the authority of the FTV, which guarantees the running of the tests in accordance with the sail racing rules established by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

Elected in October 2015, the new Federal Council of the FTV part in his first Tahiti Pearl Regatta.

The arbitration body is divided between:

  • Race committee :
    • Georges Kohrel, Principal Race officer des Voiles de St Tropez
    • Tuiterai Salmon, Président de la FTV
  • The Jury :
    • Teiva Veronique, Conseiller technique FTV
    • Vai Poulain
  • The measurers :
    • David Moutouh
    • Benjamin Prioux
    • Jérôme Delvallet
  • Georges Kohrel, Jury –Main Race Officer of the famous Voiles de Saint-Tropez, Georges Korehl has is passionate about sailing and deeply committed into volunteering work. He has made a lot to initiate youngsters to sailing and has been President of the SNSM (French national society for marine rescue) from 2009 to 2012. The name of Georges Korehl has reached international fame in regard of the organisation, the degree of scrutiny and the respect of the rules that prevail during the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, an event gathering more than 300 sailboats during one week on the Mediterranean Sea.

Main partners


Strong support of the Minister of Tourism this year has provided a grant to the ARR for it to contract the services of ASO and allow video images of the TPR to show on the multicast network ASO.


The OPT sponsorizes the cultural and sports events in Polynesia. This year it has chosen to also support the Tahiti Pearl Regatta to demonstrate its commitment to the islands and the values of sailing, with the contribution of a internet connection to the organization’s needs. OPT will also have a crew on the water.

logo-tahititoursime Tahiti Tourisme is an Economic Interest Group created in 1992 to promote French Polynesia both locally and internationally. The EIG works in cooperation with the Ministry and the Administrative Service of Tourism. It has representations in Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Tokyo, Auckland, Sydney, Santiago de Chile, Seoul et Shanghai. Partner of the TPR since its creation, the organization for the promotion and development of tourism in Polynesia provides its support and expertise for press travels and receptions in different islands.
logo-atnAir Tahiti Nui operates international airflights from Tahiti Faa’a airport to Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Auckland. The company also propose special themed stays (Honeymoon, Luxury & Spa…). The international airline is involved each year and offers a discount to international participants, it contributes to the invitation of journalists. It also offers four tickets for the winning team to participate in the next “Voiles de St Tropez”.

logo-marine-nationaleMarine Nationale (the French Navy) – Due to the essentially maritime character of the four Polynesian archipelagos, the aero-naval base of the Marine Nationale in Papeete stands in the first rank on the Pacific zone. The Armed Forces in French Polynesia, through the French Navy, helps in the organization of the race, namely with the presence of a tug boat in charge of safety at sea and the supervision of the race. One French Navy crew has been taking part in the race for 6 years and this year also.
logo-airtahitiAir Tahiti guarantees the regular traffic of passengers between the islands of French Polynesia, as well as other activities like airfreight. Carrier of most of the sailors, the race committee, the press and a significant part of the organizing team, Air Tahiti also publishes every year som article about the event in its inflight magazine and increases our local popularity.

logo-icetLipton Ice Tea – Leader on the global market for ice tea, Lipton Ice Tea offers a wide range of refreshing beverages in more than 150 countries. Lipton Ice Tea has tight bounds with sailing: its founder, Sir Thomas Lipton, was a famous America’s Cup challenger. In 2015 and 2016, Lipton Ice Tea becomes a main partner of the TPR with a sailboat bearing its colors. The partnership also includes the branding of buoys and special goodies for the competitors.

logo-ijspfIJSPF : An essential technical and financial support to provide you with a first rate sport event. With the Tahitian Sailing Federation, which co-organizes the TPR, and also with the operational support of the Raiatea Activities, all of Polynesia’s sport sailing entities participate in the organization of the Tahiti Pearl Regatta.


Faithful partners

Tahiti Yacht Charter, Damoiseau, Poe-ma insurances, la Dépêche, Tahiti Infos, Poe Charter: they support the organisation, ensure the efficiency of the racing plans and provide services and care to the competitors.





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T-Shirt TPR

The Tahiti Pearl Regatta is a story of passions and energies, shared by a wide variety of women and men, often with strong character, who face obstacles year after year to maintain and pursue a beautiful adventure in sports, sharing and generosity. Among them, the TPR wishes to express its special thanks to the numerous volunteers, passionate with sailing, who give their time and energy to make the event real.